Urbiquity Urban Lab, an open discussion about Memory and Movement


07 Nov 2016
The Talk
Urbiquity will host an Artist Talk at the APT Gallery to mark the final chapter of the group's Memory and Movement cycle and also act as the finale of the Urbiquity Urban Lab visual urbanism residency.
Over the past year the founding members of Urbiquity have been working on three seemingly separate yet deeply interlinked bodies of work around the topic of Memory and Movement. In addition to marking the completion of these projects, the Artist Talk also celebrates and investigates the work produced during the Urbiquity Urban Lab in Tallinn.
Urbiquity curated an intense week-long programme of walks, site visits and discussions during which a group of international artists, sociologists and urbanists produced bodies of work around Memory and Movement. In addition to learning about the specific urban struggles facing Estonia and its geopolitical context,  the residency also aimed to introduce the concept of visual urbanism to the local discourse.
Urbiquity’s Artist Talk at the APT Gallery will consider the use of participatory and alternative methods in conducting and communicating visual urbanism as well as ideas of memory, movement, materiality and locality.
The Artists
Urbiquity is a platform for creative and critical urbanism. Using visual methods alongside text and materiality, Urbiquity aims to investigate sociality in the built environment and generate new knowledge of the ways we inhabit increasingly multilayered, contextual and connected global localities. Urbiquity aims to relate to seemingly imperceptible processes that are either too distant or too close to grasp without conscious study.
Urbiquity is based in London, Madrid and Tallinn, but operates internationally. Urbiquity was founded by Stefano Carnelli, Pablo Conejo and Mattias Malk
Monday, 7 November 2016
APT Gallery
6 Creekside
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