Volunteers needed

Posted on 23 Oct 2016
  • UrbanPhotoVillage
Urban Photo Village is pleased to announce its participation to this year’s UrbanPhotoFest, the international urban photography festival exploring contemporary visual practices focusing on urban life. The Urban Photo Village will feature 54 participating artists in 10 different venues all located within walking distance of each other in Deptford, an area with a strong sense of community rapidly becoming another example of London’s ever-transforming social landscape. In the spirit of urban photography, Urban Photo Village - with its intensive program of workshops and seminars -will create an active space of discussion, participation and creativity, involving local communities, artists, researchers and those interested in contemporary urban life.
  • What will you get from volunteering at UPV?
By volunteering with UrbanPhotoFest, you get behind the scene access to some of the most remarkable photographers and researchers.  You have the opportunity to work first hand with established artists and their works while installing galleries, learning what helped inspire the current projects.  Or you could mingle with up-and-coming artists, while pouring them a glass of wine during private views. UrbanPhotoFest is the perfect ground breaking opportunity to dive into the urban and visual research field.
Volunteers will have priority in the booking for the Urban Encounters conferences.
  • Exhibition development and Installation workshop
A half-day workshop will be organised on the 22nd of October. The selected volunteers will receive a full training on how to conceptualise, develop and install a professional photography exhibition. The workshop will be covering different themes including: curatorial concept, PR and press releases, installation and hanging techniques etc. This training experience will be based on the collaboration with established photographers, artists and curators.
We will issue UrbanPhotoFest volunteers with a letter of completion signed by the festival Creative Director, and Urban Photo Village curator. This will support volunteers' CVs and enable them to expand their skills for the world of work.
  • PUC Intern Review
Jessie Martin and Lauren Finch both began their journey with UPF by volunteering in 2015. The hardworking and educating hours led to their current internships roles in this years festival. The two Photography and Urban Cultures students work along side various international artists like Rut Blees Luxemberg and Anna Blattner to develop, design and curate stimulating exhibitions.  They share a table with Paul Halliday and Diego Ferrari, to name a few of the inspiring researchers, to ensure all tasks all handled behind the scenes for the two day conference.
  • Urban Photo Village Volunteering Roles
1. Exhibition Install and De-install:
  • The applicant needs to have experience in working with exhibition installation. He/she has to be familiar with adopting different hanging systems, with safe use of tools (driller, hammer, Velcro-tape, spray-mount etc), with health and safety practices and behaviour.
  • The applicant has to be able to read exhibition layout drawing and be familiar with displaying works of art on walls and other surfaces by using spirit level and measuring tape.
  • The applicant has to be familiar with safely handling work of art.
  • Proper storing and packaging techniques.
2. Private Views Serving:
  • Serving guests with drinks
  • Clearing and cleaning gallery spaces regularly.
  • Maintaining a clean serving space.
  • Quick and happy service.
3.Exhibition Invigilating:
  • Invigililation all UrbanPhotoFest exhibition spaces – ensuring that the security of the works are not compromised.
  • Providing visitors with information about the current exhibition and all aspects about UrbanPhotoFest including exhibitions, events and activities and information about the local area
  • Informing the Exhibitions Curator immediately in the event of damage to any art work.
  • Assisting with the opening and closing of the gallery
  • Providing excellent and pro-active customer service
4. Conference Documentation
  • Recording all key note speakers at the annual 2 day Urban Encounters conference.
  • Maintaining a clear shot to the stage and over seeing proper lighting.
  • Ensuring camera equipment is set up and taken down properly.
  • Delivering final files at the end of the day to a conference team member.

5. Videography

  • Tate Modern 6pm-9pm: Thursday 3rd
  • Goldsmiths College 10am-4:30pm Friday 4th
  • Goldsmiths college 10am-4:30pm Saturday 5th

6. Photography

  • All events within the festival